Bioparque La Reserva

A unique place, where nature can be appreciated from a very close distance, allowing the submersion in flora and fauna exhibitions that recreate native ecosystems belonging to different areas of Colombia.

In Bioparque La Reserva, the visitor not only lives through an unforgettable experience  with wildlife contact but they also learn important information about the relationship between plants, animals, humans and other elements.

La Reserva is the first park of Latin-American wild species in which the visitor, through different guided tours, can share the same surrounding with the animals and plants under a concept of immersion, which has been developed with the purpose of modifying society´s behavior and approach when it comes to environmental conservation.

A Unique and unforgettable experience

The ecosystem representations and exhibitions of Bioparque La Reserva have been recognized by international experts as an example of design and impact in the visiting public and they are complemented with a complete infrastructure of services.

La Reserva is the only place in the world where you can walk through an aviary that simulates a rainforest and observe the harpy eagle, which is considered one of the biggest super predators in América, amongst the anaconda and the jaguar. The place also features ecosystem representations such as tropical dry forest, tropical rainforest, lower Andean forest, and high Andean forest, as well as wetlands from the Savannah of Bogotá, a thematic auditory for environmental education, an interactive area and flight exhibitions of raptor birds. There are more than 100 species of planted flora and more than 6.000 within the ecological restoration project; many of them are endangered species.

A Perfect Site for Environmental Education

La Reserva promotes respect for all life forms, and educates through the use and demonstration of animal behavior instead of focusing only on the physical beauty of a species. For this, Bioparque´s staff has been highly trained in the handling of animal wellbeing and their behavior, which consequently turns  this into a pioneer institution  worldwide.

Services offered by La Reserva

  • Guided tours
  • Recreational spaces for infants and youths with original interpretative games  that replicate the behavior of wild animals
  • Multisensory educational workshops
  • Pedagogical academic workshops*
  • Interagency agreements*
  • Country restaurant
  • Business events*
  • Parking lot

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