Mountain Coati 

A daughter for the Phantom of the Andes

The first Mountain Coati born in captivity.

For the first time in history one of the world’s least known mammals, the mountain coati (Nasuellaolivacea), has conceived and given birth in captivity.  Two months since the delivery “the offspring is enjoying excellent health, this is the result of a scientific effort that took more than a decade” says Ivan Lozano-Ortega Director of Colombia’sBioparque La Reserva in Cota, Colombia.

Because of its elusive behaviour the mountain coati, found only in the cloud forest and Páramo of Colombia and Ecuador, is sometimes known as the Ghost of the Andes.  The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) classifies it as Deficient Data (DD), and some researchers suggest it as Near Threatened (NT). 

With this birth much useful data has been collected which could help the future conservation of the species.  This is in line with the aimsof Bioparque La Reserva with more than eight years developing protocols in animal welfare.

In November 2016 the Bioparque had four males and four females of this much persecuted keystone species.  A pair was sent to Jaime Duque Park in Briceño, Colombia in the hope of establishing a captive colony to raise awareness and educate the community.  It is expected that the new female will become part of an ex situ breeding programme to help conserve this intriguing species (Further information is available on www.bioparquelareserva.com).

About Bioparque La Reserva:

Bioparque La Reserva has been running for nine years in Cota, Colombia and is a park dedicated to promoting awareness of the conservation of Colombian natural resources within a context of sustainable use and respect for the environment. One of its main goals is to change the attitude and behaviour of people towards the conservation of Colombia’s biodiversity through the concept of immersion, a new approach where visitors share the same environment with plants and animals which replicates endangered Colombian ecosystems. It is the first wildlife park featuring exhibitions where the mix of species in their natural habitat promotes animal welfare. Bioparque La Reserva is built using the principles of green building.


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